Expert services for your conversion to double-entry bookkeeping

Expert services for your conversion to double-entry bookkeeping

Conversion to double-entry bookkeeping

Converting to double-entry bookkeeping is the start of a major change process that will involve your entire administration. To help you handle this challenge with optimal success, we offer targeted project management / consulting, even for joint projects with multiple administrations involved.

Double-entry budget planning and implementation

The conversion will mean more than just a change in accounting style. Generally, it will also involve reviewing accountancy processes. “Are changes to the process organization required? If so, how can processes be optimized?” These are just some of the questions that need to be clarified. We support you in introducing internal cost allocation and in blanket coverage budgeting, and hold events for committees to achieve a better understanding of the new accountancy system.

Your benefits:

  • Create acceptance for regulations of internal cost allocation and budgeting
  • Increase security in planning processes
  • Needs-based chart of accounts, cost center plan, product plan, organizational plan
Using sources of information from new accountancy is a key foundation for reaching decisions that are more sound than ever before, for a more forward-thinking administration.

Additional solutions and services in Local government consulting

Consulting topics

From asset capturing and consulting to product formation and development of your organizational structure and process organization – the wide variety of consulting topics we offer provides you with support throughout every part of your change process.

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More and more tasks with fewer and fewer personnel – it's a trend that's driving further optimization and digitization of administrative processes. Electronic invoice workflows in conjunction with electronic regulations and digitized file management are just some current topics.

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