Simple preparation of informative reports

Simple preparation of informative reports

Plus reporting system modules

Our streamlined Plus reporting system offers secure, valid information from the Infoma newsystem financial accounting system.

Plus reporting system (delivered through the cloud)

For all local governments only interested in information that do not design their own reports and don’t need professional and technical support, the Plus reporting system is also available as a full service solution. That means you don’t need your own infrastructure – we can handle information distribution for you. Information is automatically delivered to recipients via e-mail in accordance with set criteria and in compliance with data privacy guidelines for personal information, at the right time and in the desired format. It doesn’t matter whether tried and true standard reports or custom reports are used.

Your benefits:

  • Plus reporting system as a full service solution
  • No independent infrastructure required
  • Targeted distribution of information
  • Standard reports or custom reports available

City of Marsberg

The administration of the North Rhine Westphalian city of Marsberg learned about the positive …

Wetterau district

The workflow, which is used across the agency, is a key model of success for high-priority …
You can expand our BI system at any time, ensuring your future capabilities and protecting your investment.

Additional solutions and services in the Plus reporting system plus and business intelligence (BI) area

Business Intelligence

Handles systematic collection, evaluation, processing, and presentation of all available financial data in municipal administration. It provides administrators and policy makers exactly the information they need to make important decisions from the wide array of available data - as needed, in the right format, and at the right time.

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The leading web-based system for comparing key figures in local government controlling. With the interactive budget, you have the option of presenting your budget online. You can prepare graphic, visual budget data across all hierarchical levels without additional work.

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Implementation, organization, and operation

We strive to provide holistic solutions.We can support you in launching your Plus reporting system business intelligence and reporting system business intelligence launch, support you in creating implementation concepts, and advise you on content-based and design-related questions.

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