Infoma ePortal in Microsoft Cloud Germany

Infoma ePortal in Microsoft Cloud Germany

Infoma ePortal in Microsoft Cloud Germany

Microsoft cloud services are provided through independent computing centers in Germany as part of Microsoft Cloud Germany. Customer data is saved in Germany during this process. Access to this data is subject to strict control by an independent data custodian acting under German law. Further information is available here.

Security and Data Protection
Microsoft places the highest priority on security and data protection during every step - from code development to error message processing. Further information is available here.

Christopher Linke

Christopher Linke

Senior project manager
of innovation and custom solutions
+49 731 1551-929

Key Points

  • Security: Axians Infoma and Microsoft protect your data
  • Data Privacy: You own and control your data
  • Transparency: You know how your data is saved and accessed, and how we can support you in safeguarding these processes
  • Compliance: Axians Infoma and Microsoft comply with global standards and legal norms

Everything from a Single Source

Axians Infoma works for you as both a trusted and competent contact in the software development and consulting fields, and as a partner for selling and distributing your solution. As a full-service partner, we offer you the Infoma ePortal solution, operations, and consulting - all from a single source.

Your Technical Benefits

  • You don’t need to maintain your own independent IT infrastructure to operate the Infoma ePortal
  • Excellent data security through redundancy and regular backups
  • Excellent data availability (24x7)
  • Cloud services are always up to date; Axians Infoma and Microsoft complete updates regularly and promptly

Your Economic Benefits

  • Increase economic efficiency
  • Significant overall cost savings by eliminating IT infrastructure
  • We handle operations for you with our highly qualified personnel, who receive consistent continued training

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