Axians Infoma values

Axians Infoma values

Our corporate culture

Everyone has their own individual values. They influence and guide our actions, and they give us identity and purpose. That’s why it's so important for us to transmit our common values through the culture we model within our company. We use our established values to provide a point of orientation, and to show what Axians Infoma appreciates most.

Our Vision

We give our customers the strength to meet future challenges

As a partner to local governments, companies, computing centers, and church institutions, we reinforce our customers’ performance capabilities so they can face the challenges of the future with meaningful, efficient action. The development of Smart Government, in the context of intelligent and networked administrative work, is for us the foundation for strong customers with a future. Our customers and their employees as well as citizens, public organisations and companies profit from the advantages and benefits associated with it.

Our Mission

We give our best for our customers

Our claim "We make administration smarter" means that the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority - without ifs and buts! Our claim "Every customer a reference" is the most important guarantee for the long-term value increase of our company. We see it as our task to support our customers in sustainable, citizen-focused and efficient administrative actions. Satisfaction, loyalty, competence and motivation of our employees, orientated towards common goals, are the key to permanently achieving best performance and achieving planned results.


Our Guiding Principle

We think of our employees as “entrepreneurs”

We guide our company to success with professionalism, a specialist advantage, commitment, and creativity. We are driven by long-term perspectives, passion, and the joy we take in our work. Each employee accepts responsibility, consistently implementing our values to contribute to ongoing positive development, acting as an “entrepreneur.” Their work is based on trust, diligence, sustainability, an innovative spirit, and constructive thinking. We keep our focus on people. Honest and respectful cooperation and support are important to us. We also believe appreciation is another key to joint success and personal performance, as is permanent curiosity and drive to understand.

Our Strategy

We shape the future for continued client growth

We take up new issues and technologies early on, accepting responsibility for shaping the financial accounting markets and defining new focal areas. This lays the groundwork for our continuously growing client base. All processes are integrated into a modern software solution. We provide our clients with excellent consulting in digitizing their administrative processes, successfully using the right software with the right services. We always act according to the principle of “gained in practice, for use in practice,” consistently emphasizing the strengths of our employees and computing center partners.

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More information about the Axians Infoma company

Axians Infoma

Axians Infoma

Our commitment is to effectively support our clients in forward-thinking action with needs-based solutions. How do we do it? With expertise and knowledge from over two decades of experience in the local government sector.
Axians and VINCI Energies

Axians and VINCI Energies

Axians Infoma is part of French construction and industrial group VINCI, making it a member of the global ICT brand Axians of VINCI Energies. Axians supports its clients in full digital transformations within their organizations.
Our history

Our history

The Axians Infoma success story: Over 30 years of experience in the local government sector – over three decades in photos.
Commitment and responsibility

Commitment and responsibility

Taking responsibility towards society is a major concern at Axians Infoma. Contributing to a more sustainable society is part of our corporate philosophy.
Our partners

Our partners

Our partnerships with high-performing IT service providers and manufacturers support the quality and flexibility of our product range.