Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Delivering Technology Together

We work closely with leading manufacturing partners and offer the highest certifications. For you as a customer this means you’ll always have access to innovative developments from international leaders in technology – at an outstanding level of quality, and with the best possible security for the future.

Our Technology Partners

As part of the Microsoft Partner Network, we are the Microsoft industry partner in the public administration and municipal departments area.

We base our business intelligence solutions on technology from Cubeware; as a premium partner in the public sector, we have a precise understanding of their performance capabilities.

We use the Microsoft Office based solution FaciPlan by our partner FaciWare to link existing CAD systems with our process Infoma newsystem facility management.

With highly specialized plug & play solutions for payment services, S-Public Services works with local providers to support the digital transformation of a wide range of citizen services.

Intarsys specializes in electronic signatures, offering individual, batch, and “convenience” signatures that allow documents to be signed within an invoice workflow. The company is a technological leader with software for electronic signatures, seals, time stamps, encryption and decryption, authentication, certificate management, and PDF/A.

With PayPal, electronic payments take another step forward towards citizen-friendly electronic management. The ability to quickly and securely pay fees and pay for services over the internet is an efficient service local governments can use to further improve convenience for their citizens.