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Transparent costs for optimized facility management

From property management to land administration and engineering work – the range of tasks handled by facility management departments poses major challenges, and not only for employees. Due to the overall costs associated with this area, it can often represent the second largest block of costs in a local budget. Because of this, reliably handling the entire, broad range of data and processes within the framework of given resources and cost savings isn’t always easy to do. You can optimize this process through better cost transparency.

We lay the groundwork with our software-supported process. It handles all technical, infrastructure-related, and commercial processes within facility management – while also lightening the workloads of employees who work on technical and commercial issues. With the range of functions it offers, the depth provided by the modules, and the option to use the solution as either an integrated component or an autonomous system, our facility management is unique on the local government market.

Stefan Beering

Stefan Beering

Senior Presales Consultant
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Borough council of Biberach

Energy report identifies potential savings

District of Goslar
Lower Saxony

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Photo: City of Erlangen

City of Erlangen

Project cost controlling in the Cultural Projects office and Civil Engineering office

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City of Mörfelden-Walldorf

Software support for efficient response management for buildings and properties

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Property and facility management

Property and facility management

You need efficient management of information on properties, buildings, and facilities – a need we’ve answered with a solution based on comprehensive expertise and long-term experience.
Local government consulting

Local government consulting

Conversions to double-entry bookkeeping, strategic development, digitization, process optimization – the future poses many different challenges that have to be overcome. We offer optimal opportunities for support.
eGovernment & Digitization

eGovernment & Digitization

We have developed sustainable, innovative solutions for the demands of digitized administrations using a consistent eGovernment strategy. These do not only make daily municipal work easier, they also have a noticeable impact for citizens.


As a cloud option user, you can concentrate fully on your administrative processes. Microsoft cloud services are provided through independent computing centers in Germany as part of Microsoft Cloud Germany.