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09.11.2017 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

Smart City innovation challenge – VINCI Energies and Axians Infoma offer sustainable solutions

Twelve hours less of sitting in traffic every year? For many long-suffering city dwellers, including in Germany, this might sound like paradise. In Dubai it’s already a reality. The Arabian city has millions of inhabitants – through investments in the smart city and similar targeted measures,  it succeeded in making noticeable improvements in quality of…

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10.10.2017 | Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions

Capturing via app replaces report management

The city of Marsberg is located in an idyllic area at the edge of the Sauerland's low-lying mountains in North Rhine Westphalia. The city offers not only historic locales but also a beautiful landscape. Living in Marsberg means living and working in a diverse and natural environment. Being such a great place to live, however,…

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28.09.2017 | Financial accounting

Microsoft honors: Tobias Fenster receives “Most Valuable Professional” Award!

Most Valuable Professional is the highest award Microsoft gives to individuals with a one-year duration to a few selected experts. Tobias Fenster, CTO of Axians Infoma, has been honored with the MVP Award in the "Business Solutions" category, which includes Dynamics NAV, the base technology from Infoma newsystem. Beside him, there are currently 30 more…

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25.09.2017 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

Axians Infoma 2017 professional conference emphasizes the importance of digitization

Advances in digitization in all areas are a central issue of our times. As digitization continues to permeate our lives, it influences both our economic and social worlds, offering major opportunities for the future while continuing to pose new challenges. At this year's Axians Infoma professional conference in September in Ulm, a majority of the…

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28.04.2017 | Property and facility management

The city of Altena is making changes! On the path towards integrated work with Axians Infoma

Altena, with its medieval fortress, is a city for the generations. Located in North Rhine Westphalia, the town offers its roughly 17,000 inhabitants a home with a high quality of living and great recreational opportunities. At the end of last year, Altena was searching for a modern CAFM software. Specifically, features like rental management and…

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20.03.2017 | Financial accounting

We get your administration ready for the challenges of the future

An easy introduction to double-entry bookkeeping – thanks to expert support Many local governments in Baden-Württemberg are facing new challenges today: They are required to convert to double-entry bookkeeping by 2020 at the latest. Previously divided into administrative and capital budgets, in the future city treasurers will have to prepare a Statement of Financial Position…

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14.03.2017 | Plus reporting system and Business intelligence (BI)

Needs-based and clearly structured – how our BI can reduce daily workloads

The city of Goslar, with its picturesque, narrow streets and squares perfect for strolling, relaxing, shopping, and meeting up with friends, is nestled among the northwestern foothills of the Harz in Lower Saxony. A walk through the historic city center, which has been named a UNESCO world heritage site, gives visitors a taste of Goslar’s unique…

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10.03.2017 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

We’re staying true to ourselves, even after 10 years! – KDO and Axians Infoma continue to expand their partnership

The partnership between Axians Infoma and innovation and technology service provider KDO is now over 10 years old. By now, KDO has supported over 1,000 users of with the financial accounting and facility management solution Infoma newsystem. Professional administration work is only possible with comprehensive software solutions. For over 25 years, Axians Infoma has been…

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Best Practice Partners 2016 – Satisfied customers and strong partnerships

Having satisfied customers is important to us. That’s why we survey our customers annually about our products and their satisfaction. We continue to grow – and we have the outstanding team spirit of our data center partners to thank for that success. That’s why we decided to hand out awards in 2016 for the first…

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23.02.2017 | eGovernment & Digitization

The city of Gießen is a finalist for the Axians Infoma Innovation Prize – Thanks to paperless invoice processing

The city of Gießen has been working closely with Axians Infoma for quite some time on paperless processing for invoices received electronically, complying with budgetary law requirements, and digital archiving. The city made it to the finals of the Innovation Prize competition with its project “Introducing an electronic invoice workflow in Gießen town administration.” The…

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The city of Remscheid wins the 2016 Axians Infoma Innovation Prize!

Once again this year, Dr. Jens Weiß from the Harz University of Applied Sciences reviewed a large number of submissions for the Axians Infoma Innovation Prize. This was the fourth year in a row Axians Infoma awarded the prize. When considering the comprehensive approach to process optimization and mapping of innovative management ideas developed by…

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13.02.2017 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

City of Siegburg: Finalist for the Axians Infoma Innovation Prize with electronic payment processes

The city of Siegburg has been working with Infoma newsystem financial accounting since 2008, and has now been honored as a finalist for the 2016 Axians Infoma Innovation Prize. Their project, “Administration-wide use of electronic payment processes,” impressed Dr. Jens Weiß from the Harz University of Applied Sciences. These were some of his reasons: A…

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