Capturing via app replaces report management

The city of Marsberg is located in an idyllic area at the edge of the Sauerland’s low-lying mountains in North Rhine Westphalia. The city offers not only historic locales but also a beautiful landscape. Living in Marsberg means living and working in a diverse and natural environment.

Being such a great place to live, however, takes a lot of work. The city of Marsberg depot now has over 26 employees. They used to record their work on report slips, which they then needed to type up and transfer to the system.
Marsberg has already been using Infoma newsystem as a solution for financial accounting and for utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions for quite some time.

As the demands of digitization grew, Marsberg became interested in making its depot paperless as well, in particular getting rid of time and work recording slips.

With over 240 customers in public institutions and local authorities, Axians Infoma is a market leader and specialty service provider in this segment. The company continues to develop its modules, creating an innovative range of solutions that supports user demands with a focus on customers and on user needs. We developed a solution for increasing productivity in the depot using tablets and smartphones. The “Mobile data capturing” app eliminates the need to record work twice over, which can often result in errors, incorrect order numbers, or incorrect or incomplete records. The Marsberg city depot is impressed by the solution, and even recorded a new reference customer video midway through the year.

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Capturing via app replaces report management