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16.11.2018 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

Electronic invoice workflow – Our customers’ favorite module

Having satisfied customers is important to us. That’s why we survey our customers annually about our products and their satisfaction. Over the years, we have developed a culture of creating together and for one another that covers all of our customer groups and promotes consistent development. In our customer satisfaction survey this year, the invoice…

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15.10.2018 | Financial accounting, Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions …

New construction at the Ulm location

Axians Infoma is expanding! An area that recently served as a parking lot for employee cars will be converted over the next 15 months into a new building offering an additional 1,100 m2 of office space for the Axians Infoma staff. After the project is completed, another 1,500 m2 of office space will be created…

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27.09.2018 | Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions

Mobile apps for more convenience at the usage site

MDC – MOC – MMI – these might sound like mysterious acronyms, but in reality they can make everyday work easier for employees at municipal utilities and in facility management. They are all mobile applications from Axians Infoma for smartphones or tablets which allow employees to easily and conveniently document their work directly on site.…

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18.09.2018 | Financial accounting, Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions …

A Platform for User Voices

We frequently receive interesting ideas and requests from our users for new developments and optimizations in Infoma newsystem. For us, the first question is which ideas are supported by a large number of users, and what should we take on first? We have provided the new “Infoma user voices” portal to create transparency around these…

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20.08.2018 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

From mountains of paper to streamlined electronic file solutions

Stacks of files higher than a computer screen – This is a frequent sight in many immigration offices, and one that creates daily challenges for employees. Not only the storage space required for these countless files needs to be taken into account, but also the time administrative employees need to find the information they require.…

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25.06.2018 | Financial accounting, Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions

Review of the 2018 User Meetings

A new record for the annual Infoma newsystem user meeting for financial accounting and system support! With roughly 380 participants, it was our largest meeting ever. Once again this year, everything focused on updates to Infoma newsystem financial accounting and the pathway to digitization for administrations. At the user meeting for facility management, the roughly…

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20.06.2018 | Financial accounting, Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions …

Axians Infoma Implements the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in effect in all European Union member states since May 25th, 2018. It covers basic data protection requirements applicable throughout Europe, forming the basis of European data privacy law. The goal is to provide a uniform level of data privacy throughout Europe. The German legislature has used…

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08.06.2018 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

Baden-Württemberg goes digital

It’s a topic everyone needs to deal with at some point or another: Whether social, corporate, or public administration spheres – digitization is changing every area of society. Local governments in Baden-Württemberg, likewise, are facing major challenges. First, they are required to complete the conversion to double-entry bookkeeping by 1/1/2020 at the latest. Second, the…

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07.06.2018 | Financial accounting, Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions …

Axians Infoma sends electronic invoices

Standardization and consistent digital processes are key foundations of a well-functioning and citizen-friendly local government. For us, the strategy of consistent processes must involve collaboration with our customers. That’s why we are now offering delivery of eInvoices. We can provide our software maintenance service invoices electronically in the ZUGFeRD 1.0 (incl. a PDF file) and…

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16.05.2018 | Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions

Product Presentation Mobile object control

Providing our customers with optimal support in every situation and empowering them to meet future challenges have been our goals for 30 years. To fulfill these goals, we continue to develop our product portfolio, adapting constantly to current trends and innovations. One example is a challenge faced by many administrations which work with large quantities…

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14.05.2018 | Financial accounting, Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions …

CEBIT 2018: Axians Infoma presents solution concepts for digitization municipal financial processes

Axians Infoma GmbH is using the new CEBIT concept as an ideal environment for teaching customers and stakeholders about digitization for designing efficient local government financial processes and about the benefits of the digital transformation. The company presented innovative solutions for the digital administration of the future alongside sister company IKVS and partners ekom21, KDO…

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20.03.2018 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

Best Practice Partner 2017 – Good collaboration pays off

Computing center partners met in early March 2018 in Berlin for a partner group strategy and management meeting. They enjoyed an informative mixture of presentations and plenty of time to network with one another, all guided by Axians Infoma's motto in its 30th anniversary year “On the cutting edge together.” We worked with our partners…

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01.03.2018 | Financial accounting, Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions …

Digitization strategy for consistent processes

It's a must! Consistent digitization of processes is important today to fulfill the need for smooth-running and citizen-friendly local government procedures in all areas of public administration. Submissions for last year's Innovation Prize clearly show that many cities and boroughs have already planned to handle these needs. Although most projects submitted in early 2013 focused…

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05.02.2018 | eGovernment & Digitization

The town administration of Borgholzhausen is a finalist for the 2017 Innovation Prize!

The Axians Infoma Innovation Prize is awarded to one winner and two finalists each year to honor future-oriented local government projects. The town administration of Borgholzhausen was named a finalist for the Axians Infoma Innovation Prize in 2017 for its project to introduce an invoice workflow and the Infoma ePortal. “The introduction of an electronic…

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05.02.2018 | Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions

The city of Marsberg is a finalist for the 2017 Innovation Prize!

Axians Infoma awarded the Innovation Prize for “Local governments of the future” for the fifth time in 2017. The prize was handed out for innovative and future-oriented local government projects based on Infoma newsystem. The city of Marsberg utilities were added as a finalist for the Innovation Prize for introducing mobile data capturing. The conversion…

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30.01.2018 | Financial accounting, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions, eGovernment & Digitization

City of Düren wins 2017 innovation prize from Axians Infoma

“An exemplary eGovernment innovation with clear added value for citizens while optimizing internal processes.” Professor Dr. Jens Weiß, Hochschule Harz The North Rhine Westphalian city of Düren impressed jurors with its project to introduce an administration-wide online payment process to its citizen portal that also handles payment requests. The project won the Axians Infoma 2017…

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13.12.2017 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

Axians Infoma places community at the center of everything they do

Some sayings are so overused they feel worn out or overplayed. “Stronger together” is one of these. It’s really a shame, since the sentiment behind it is a good one: that we can achieve results that are just as good, or even much better, through communal action. For Axians Infoma community has always played a…

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09.11.2017 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

Smart City innovation challenge – VINCI Energies and Axians Infoma offer sustainable solutions

Twelve hours less of sitting in traffic every year? For many long-suffering city dwellers, including in Germany, this might sound like paradise. In Dubai it’s already a reality. The Arabian city has millions of inhabitants – through investments in the smart city and similar targeted measures,  it succeeded in making noticeable improvements in quality of…

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10.10.2017 | Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions

Capturing via app replaces report management

The city of Marsberg is located in an idyllic area at the edge of the Sauerland's low-lying mountains in North Rhine Westphalia. The city offers not only historic locales but also a beautiful landscape. Living in Marsberg means living and working in a diverse and natural environment. Being such a great place to live, however,…

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28.09.2017 | Financial accounting

Microsoft honors: Tobias Fenster receives “Most Valuable Professional” Award!

Most Valuable Professional is the highest award Microsoft gives to individuals with a one-year duration to a few selected experts. Tobias Fenster, CTO of Axians Infoma, has been honored with the MVP Award in the "Business Solutions" category, which includes Dynamics NAV, the base technology from Infoma newsystem. Beside him, there are currently 30 more…

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