Financial accounting – Certified solutions for every phase of modernizing your administration

Financial accounting – Certified solutions for every phase of modernizing your administration

Convenient software for every area of your financial management

“Your experience. Our competence. Secure future.” That’s our guiding principle. It means: We want to support you and your work in effectively meeting the challenges of the future – with sustainable, economical, and modern solutions already able to take aspects of the digital transformation into account today.

Financial management is responsible for handling finances related to functions and tasks. Our integrated financial accounting covers all the related requirements – from planning to annual accounts, from processing payments to monitoring receivables and enforcement, from assessing all taxes, fees, and dues to cross-departmental tasks. Our modules also ensure seamless, efficient processes for invoice workflows, eInvoices, ePayment, and interactive budgets.

We can support you in implementing efficient and transparent administrative modernization
No matter how you use our Infoma newsystem financial accounting system – you’ll receive a powerful, functional solution for all your requirements

The best solution for every accounting style

Our goal in developing our financial accounting was clear right from the beginning: offer both our simple-entry and double-entry customers the best solution. We didn’t want to force an either-or decision; the choice is up to you. That’s why our solution fulfills all requirements for both simple-entry bookkeeping and double-entry bookkeeping and their specific characteristics. You can change your accounting style at any time – without high added expenses. You can get started with either simple- or double-entry bookkeeping. Or you can choose a soft transition using advanced simple-entry bookkeeping by supplementing your classic simple-entry bookkeeping system with double-entry financial accounting with or without financial statements, as well as cost and results accounting and asset accounting.

You decide how to handle your financial accounting: Install the solutions in your own systems, or operate them from a computing center or in the cloud. Of course, we’ve also kept the needs of employees at modern work stations in mind. With apps that can be used on smartphones or tablets, we've taken a big step to join the trend towards mobile government.

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Already successfully in use for…

Photo: @City of Kaiserslautern

City of Kaiserslautern

Automated reporting at the push of a button

Municipality of Gerolstein/Rhineland-Palatinate

Merger leads to digital administration

Photo: borough of Bobenheim-Roxheim

Borough of Bobenheim-Roxheim

The Altrhein municipality is well on its way to a digital future with the overall package used.

City of Dillenburg

Efficient, paperless file management

Your Benefits

  • Practical development and implementation of innovative topics in dialog with customers
  • Performance features for simple-entry bookkeeping and double-entry bookkeeping
  • Integration of cross-platform applications
  • Innovative modules for the requirements of digital management
  • Certified, and used across Germany
Developed from expertise gained in practice, for use in practice, Infoma financial accounting plays a central role in your management IT, serving as a hub for all financial data and processes. Legally conforming, secure, efficient, and with highly modern technology.

Custom tailored for every department

With its flexible modules, our integrated financial accounting ensures seamless and efficient processes in different areas:

...and more

Your personal contact person in the financial accounting area

Steffen Schanz

Steffen Schanz

Manager of Presales Consulting
+49 731 1551-920

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