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11.09.2018 | Pilot projects

GKD Recklinghausen starts the switch to Infoma newsystem with the city and district of Recklinghausen

The GKD Joint Municipal Data Center of Recklinghausen has completed its conversion from its existing preliminary procedure to financial accounting by Axians Infoma. The city of Recklinghausen and the Recklinghausen district were the first conversion projects to Infoma newsystem; in addition to the commissioned comprehensive financial accounting solution with additional modules such as budget information…

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23.08.2018 | Acquisition

VINCI Energies acquires Swiss company Ruf Informatik

On 21 August in Switzerland, VINCI Energies concluded the acquisition of the operations of Ruf Informatik AG, a specialist in IT solutions dedicated to serving communities and the public sector. VINCI Energies, a subsidiary of the VINCI group that specialises in energy and information and communication technologies (ICT) has just acquired the company Ruf Informatik…

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06.03.2018 | 30 Year Company Anniversary

Axians Infoma positions itself as a driver of innovation in the municipal software market with its digitization strategy

In its 30th anniversary year, Ulm company Axians Infoma GmbH can once again reflect on consistent and positive growth. By adding many new customers and key IT service providers, and by converting direct customers and computing center customers to Infoma newsystem, the company has greatly exceeded the goals it set for itself in the last…

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29.01.2018 | Model eGovernment innovation

The City of Düren wins Innovation Prize from Axians Infoma for the Second Time

Ulm company Axians Infoma GmbH awarded the prize for innovative and forward-thinking local government projects based on Infoma newsystem for the fifth time. And the city of Düren, located in North Rhine Westphalia, took home the award for the second time. Düren impressed the jury with its project to introduce an administration-wide online payment process…

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22.01.2018 | Positive Development

Facility Management from Axians Infoma Impresses Customers and GEFMA

Axians Infoma enjoyed a positive year in the facility management field. In addition to the large number of new customers from Germany and Austria, who chose the integrated solution from the Infoma newsystem product family, the company also completed its current recertification process with industry association GEFMA e.V. The association once again confirmed the process's…

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14.11.2017 | Mobile specialist departments and companies

Apps from Axians Infoma ensure digital processes free from media disruptions

Today, most local governments see digitized work processes, efficient procedures, and satisfied employees as key foundations for their administrative work. This is true in particular in specialist departments and companies. Especially in areas like facility management and utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions, broad digitization helps to reduce complex work steps and achieve better economic…

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09.11.2017 | Acquisition

VINCI Energies Deutschland takes over majority share of ATHOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH

With retroactive effect as of 01/01/2017 VINCI Energies Deutschland, part of the French concession and construction group VINCI, took over the majority share of ATHOS Unternehmensberatung GmbH on 10/19/2017. The company, which has its headquarters in Sindelfingen, remains autonomous, and the existing executive board will continue the management of the company. As such, ATHOS is…

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12.10.2017 | Decision

GKD Recklinghausen switches to Infoma newsystem

The contract has been signed and the decision has been made: The GKD (joint local government data center) of Recklinghausen is replacing its previous financial accounting system with Infoma newsystem. They chose the integrated product family from Axians Infoma because it allows GKD to offer its users an innovative solution based on modern technology to…

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04.09.2017 | City of Stadtallendorf

Integrated electronic tax file from Axians Infoma optimizes processing sequences

Electronic file processing is one of the most important parts of a digital administration. Ulm software provider Axians Infoma has now developed the electronic file as an integrated solution for this purpose. The module allows all documents created in Infoma newsystem financial accounting to be automatically stored and managed in different electronic departmental files, such…

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03.08.2017 | Convenient services

Digital administrative processes for all with Infoma ePortal

Most local government administrations still only have a low level of digitization in processes related to financial accounting. Many users are only integrated into these processes through paper-based pathways. With the newly developed Infoma ePortal, Ulm software provider Axians Infoma now provides a solution that allows non-integrated departmental employees to take part in digital administrative…

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19.04.2017 | Secure operation of Infoma newsystem

Axians Infoma offers a comprehensive range of services for more data security and transparency

Growing digitization in public administration is simplifying work processes, making them more efficient – and more susceptible for inappropriate or even fraudulent use of data. Software provider Axians Infoma has developed a comprehensive data privacy and security concept for the Infoma newsystem product family to create more transparency and more control over data flows, while…

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02.03.2017 | Successful joint project

The city of Gießen sets out on a path toward digital financial management with Axians Infoma and ekom21

The Hesse city of Gießen has taken another step on its path toward digital financial management. In collaboration with software provider Axians Infoma and IT service provider ekom21, the city converted all town administration offices over to electronic invoice processing on 1/1/2017. The invoice workflow integrated into Infoma newsystem and the administration-wide intranet portal Infoma…

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16.02.2017 | A convincing, comprehensive approach

Axians Infoma 2016 Innovation Prize awarded to the city of Remscheid

For the fourth year in a row since 2013, Ulm company Axians Infoma GmbH has honored innovative and forward-thinking local government projects based on the Infoma newsystem. The winner of the 2016 Innovation Prize was the North Rhine Westphalia city of Remscheid, with its project “Establishing an operator responsibility competence center.” The district seat of…

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30.01.2017 | CeBIT 2017

New Axians Infoma booth concept for joint exhibition presentations with partner companies

Axians Infoma GmbH will be back in its usual place at this year’s CeBIT, but with an all new exhibition concept. The Ulm company will be presenting its services in Hall 7, Stand B18, at an invitingly redesigned exhibition booth 155m2 in size. The booth will reflect the company's new look, and will also be…

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15.09.2016 | The community of Krummhörn is piloting the use of NAV 2017

newsystem remains state-of-the-art and assures long-term success

INFOMA Software Consulting GmbH – part of Axians, Vinci Energies’ ICT solutions brand – is remaining completely up-to-date with its newsystem product family, and has implemented the first worldwide productive in-stallation of the new Microsoft technology Dynamics NAV 2017. Since 22nd August 2016, the community of Krummhörn in Lower Saxony has been piloting newsystem based…

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