Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions – Automation for economic performance

Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions – Automation for economic performance

The solution for utilities, municipal departments, and public bodies

With our module from the integrated Infoma newsystem product family, we deliver the core functions you need to handle all of the tasks in the municipal department process chain – from commissioning to invoicing. Our solution organizes your processes in a practical, forward-thinking way. That means all work steps are automated – from complete order processing to calls for tenders, service recording, and invoicing to personnel management, material management, and warehouse management, as well as purchasing, order management, and fleet management.

Integration is one particular strength of our solution. If your administration is already using Infoma newsystem financial accounting, then data and functions from financial accounting, fixed-asset accounting, and cost and results accounting will be available to you in this module as well – with all the advantages that data offers, such as better quality and transparency of information, avoiding duplicated data and functions, uniform user administration, eliminating interfaces, reduced maintenance work, etc. Alternatively, in-house operations can use integrated accountancy as an autonomous function without core administration functions, adding additional modules as needed.

The Infoma newsystem solution can be used autonomously or integrated
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In dialog to create solutions that are a safe investment

We consistently incorporate topics to complement our product features. This helps us create solutions that truly provide you with effective support for your work. It’s all part of our central premise: “Your experience. Our competence. Secure future.” Both performance capabilities and investment security play a key role in this commitment.

Whenever we are developing new performance features, we start by entering into dialog with companies and operators – this is the only way to respond to client needs and integrate trends like digitization with mobile data capturing, or web-based order assignments, as well as requests early on. Recognizing strategic, forward-thinking issues in our technical, organizational, and process-oriented actions, then implementing them promptly, is key.

Already successfully in use for…

Technical services of the city of Rastatt

Digital activity recording reduces administrative work

District of Recklinghausen
North Rhine-Westphalia

Interdisciplinary Processes

City of Marsberg
North Rhine-Westphalia

Time recording via app

City of Schramberg

Integrated for direct changeover to double-entry bookkeeping

Your Benefits

  • Modular, specialized process for tasks in municipal departments, of any type and legal form
  • Mapping of all core functions – from commissioning to invoicing
  • Consideration of operator responsibility and other topics as needed
  • Autonomous industry solution – also available for integration into financial accounting
  • Customizable user interface for any need and every employee
Our solution for utilities, municipal departments, and public bodies automates time-consuming and work-intensive processes, ensuring improved, more economical work.

One solution for all requirements

Your personal contact person in the utilities, municipal departments, and public facilities area

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Jürgen Scherer

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