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IT service provider KISA adds Infoma newsystem to its portfolio

Axians Infoma has a new partner group member. The Ulm-based provider of municipal software solutions and services has reached an agreement with KISA "Kommunale Informationsverarbeitung Sachsen" to add the integrated financial management system Infoma newsystem to its portfolio. The decision for the future cooperation of the two partners was made at the association meeting at…

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BEE SMART for sustainability and environmental protection

More than 75 percent of all agricultural and crop plants in Europe depend on pollination by bees. They ensure the diversity of our flora and fauna and thus a large part of our food. Many types of fruit and vegetables, nuts or oils would not exist without them. Reason enough to create the necessary conditions…

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eGovernment Awards 2019 – GOLD for Axians Infoma!

Axians Infoma was honored with Gold in the category of “Financial management” at the eGovernment Computing Awards 2019. The most important and best partners from 100 providers in ten categories are selected annually through a large reader survey. During a gala celebration event at the Berlin Hotel de Rome on September 26th, 2019, Holger Schmelzeisen,…

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20.01.2020 | eGovernment & Digitization

eInvoice ready with invoice workflow and eInvoice Manager

In just six months, paper invoices will be history on the local government level. Adopted in April 2014, EU directive 2014/55/EU requires that administrations begin receiving and processing electronic invoices by April 17th, 2020 at the latest. It is a process that will result in multiple advantages, such as optimized processes, transparency and cost and…

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Making the Online Access Law a reality

Fostering acceptance among citizens and administrations and making digitization a reality with convenient processes The Law on Improving Online Access to Administrative Services (online access law – OZG) is to be implemented by 2022. And the challenge to the federal government, states and local governments is a major one, since they are expected to offer…

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Viersen district uses BIM for facility management

By introducing a CAD connection to Infoma newsystem Facility management, the District of Viersen has taken on a leading role in professional facility management. To make future collaboration in construction projects more transparent, the North Rhine Westfalia district of Viersen has also introduced Building Information Modeling (BIM). The term BIM describes a method for optimized…

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ePayment Manager: Transaction model for a streamlined launch

Electronic payment processes are increasingly popular among both citizens and administrations. They offer a high level of citizens’ services, while relieving administrative workloads. This is a great reason for Axians Infoma to lay the groundwork for convenient, secure payment processes with the ePayment-Manager. The ePayment solution integrated into Infoma newsystem financial accounting handles preparation of…

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GEFMA membership – In dialog on strategic future topics

Since June 2019, we are members of GEFMA – German Association of Facility Management, a functional network of facility management users and service providers from a wide range of industries, including the public sector and church institutions. As a representative of industry interests, opinion leader, and catalyst for new ideas and new products, the association…

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09.11.2019 | Axians Infoma eMagazin

Self-learning software automatically handles invoice account assignment

German citizens have a positive opinion of artificial intelligence. A majority (61 %) believe it offers numerous advantages, for instance by providing services like a virtual health coach on their wrist, a personal vehicle assistant or a supermarket without cash registers to make their everyday lives easier. 83 percent even believe that this technology will…

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09.10.2019 | Axians Infoma eMagazin

Positive response at 2019 user meeting

The 2019 user meeting is now in the books, and the Axians Infoma team would like to say thank you. The event focused on an informative blend of different presentations and various opportunities for discussion, once again resulting in a highly positive response from participants.   User meeting for financial accounting and system support The…

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09.08.2019 | Axians Infoma eMagazin

Digital financial accounting

Working without paper The idea of the paperless office has been around for many years. Although it still remains elusive, many areas are implementing it more thoroughly today. Municipal financial departments are advancing the topic of digitization as well – even though their role has recently changed. Increasingly, such departments are asked to handle a…

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09.06.2019 | Axians Infoma eMagazin

Digital Agenda

Custom speed to digital administration The technological possibilities, and associated changing developments, in all areas of our lives are increasing the willingness of local governments to modernize – digital processes have major advantages for both administrations and their employees, as well as for citizens. However, the modernization process is not a sprint. Thorough digitization of…

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04.04.2019 | Axians Infoma eMagazin

New WebClient as a modern and forward-thinking base

Peter Glaser, honorary member of the Chaos Computer Club, is sure of one thing: “Everything that can be digitized, will be. Everything.” In other words: Digitization will be THE challenge in coming years. This applies to processes in local government, as it does to us as a provider of relevant products and services. We are…

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04.02.2019 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

Digitization is an ongoing process of modernization

Digitization of the public sector, which will take place over the next few years, is truly the reform of the century after the introduction of double-entry bookkeeping. As technological possibilities change, and as economic and social developments occur, both the pressure and desire to modernize increase in local governments themselves. They want to and need…

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14.01.2019 | Financial accounting, Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions …

News from Axians Infoma in Austria

There has been a lot going on at our affiliate over the last few months! Franz Palle joined the Axians Infoma team in Austria as a Managing Director in July. He will be contributing the international experience he has gained over many years in management positions at IT companies and as a project manager to…

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11.12.2018 | Financial accounting, Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions …

Axians Infoma 2018 professional conference emphasizes digitization

Digitization is a key topic of our times, and a challenge companies, society, and the public sector alike must face. Digitization was also the focus of the comprehensive program of presentations, workshops, and evening events at the 2018 Axians Infoma professional conference in Ulm in September. “We digitize financial processes” is more than just a…

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07.12.2018 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

Optimized processes for the city of Dillenburg with invoice workflow and eFile

The city of Dillenburg, famous for its association with the House of Orange, set ambitious goals for itself in the “Invoice workflow and eFile set-up project” it submitted for the 2018 Innovation Prize. These included making daily invoice processing work processes more structured by creating an office where invoices could be received, inspected, and processed…

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28.11.2018 | Financial accounting, Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions …

Dates for 2019 User Meetings Set

The user meetings are all wrapped up, which means it's time to start planning for the next ones! We are already working on plans for 2019 to once again bring you top events with professional presentations and practical, firsthand reporting on Infoma newsystem. Just as in the past, our upcoming user meeting will be an…

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26.11.2018 | Financial accounting, Property and facility management, Utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions …

City of Mölln has a positive experience switching to Infoma newsystem

“Innovative and integrated” were the requirements for the new financial software in the city of Mölln. Project managers decided to introduce the software because the former provider underwent a merger, resulting in service issues. The city, home to literary character Till Eulenspiegel, chose Axians Infoma and the Infoma newsystem financial accounting after a presentation by…

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22.11.2018 | Financial accounting, eGovernment & Digitization

RAL seal of quality for financial administration digitization in the borough council of Ebersberg

The borough council of Ebersberg took part in this year’s Axians Infoma Innovation Prize competition with the project “Digitizing financial administration and certification as a mid-sized business oriented municipal administration (RAL seal of quality). The primary goal was to be certified and create attractive framework conditions for mid-sized businesses as a reliable partner. At the…

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