New accountancy, new software, new topics? In our trainings, we give you all the relevant knowledge you need to make sure you can continue to manage your daily work efficiently and effectively. In addition to software training sessions on the individual modules of the Infoma newsystem financial accounting process, you will receive theoretical background knowledge in specialist trainings.

Our trainings are directed towards all local government employees. It doesn’t matter whether you're just getting started on working with a software module, or if you want to update to the newest software version or expand your expertise. We provide full, modern training materials. Each participant receives a certificate of participation. You can also obtain an expert certification after almost all of our training sessions.


Our one-day regional workshops offer two advantages: You will learn useful knowledge on important topics, and exchange ideas with colleagues from your professional field face to face.

Having become established as a successful regional tool for bringing together Infoma newsystem users, our workshops are becoming more and more popular. The range of topics covered, the structure (presentation, followed by discussion), and the practical benefits, all receive positive reviews by participants.

Anastasia Farruggio

Anastasia Farruggio

Seminars Manager

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Prove your expertise by obtaining a certification. To document the success of our continued education programs, after many of our courses we offer participants the chance to test the knowledge they've gained. We evaluate your documents and send you a test certificate with the results.

You can repeat the tests as often as you'd like. The content of the individual tests corresponds to the related training session. Tests are completed directly after the last day of the seminar, and take one hour.

Refresher courses

Is your knowledge up to date, or did you miss the last three updates for the Infoma newsystem module you're working with? If your experience sounds more like the latter option, our two-part refresher course is a great way to learn about all the recent updates and changes.

First, we use software exercises to refresh basic knowledge on a specific professional area, then give you a full demonstration and explanation of changes and updates to module functions. Basic knowledge of Infoma newsystem and expertise in a specific professional area are required for the training sessions.


You can find all of these seminars, along with dates for the individual companies, here: