About us

Attractive, powerful, sustainable; in short: ready for the future. For over 30 years, Axians Infoma has been successfully supporting more than 1,200 customers on their journeys toward innovation, sustainability, and economic efficiency. We develop and implement projects with a focus gained in practice, for use in practice, ensuring that you receive solutions focused around your individual goals. We work closely with the leading software vendor Microsoft and offer the highest certifications. For you as a customer this means you’ll always have access to innovative developments from international leader in technology – at an outstanding level of quality, and with the best possible security for the future.

Key benefits

  • 50% less failed search requests because of phonetic name matching
  • Only a fraction of time when searching for multiple customer numbers
  • 2-3 times more successful search requests in the same amount of time by using templates

Why Infoma entry search and find?

  • Find the right information / data
  • No need to waste time searching in different tables or entity structures
  • Find the right data even with spelling errors

Want to proof our technical expertise?

Have a look at our NAV blog !