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Digital Agenda

Custom speed to digital administration

The technological possibilities, and associated changing developments, in all areas of our lives are increasing the willingness of local governments to modernize – digital processes have major advantages for both administrations and their employees, as well as for citizens. However, the modernization process is not a sprint. Thorough digitization of administration is more like a marathon, one which requires both structural and technological preparation.
To support and advise local governments in handling this challenge, last year Axians Infoma developed the Digital Agenda 2018-2020. Under the motto of “We digitize financial processes,” we want to show administrations how they can tackle digital transformation step by step at the right speed for them. The goal of the agenda is automated, paperless financial accounting.

The components necessary for this purpose are continuously being developed and created. One example is the paperless processing of tax assessments, which will be available in the next update. Another example of our comprehensive digital agenda for this year is to handle the approval process, which was previously paper-based and involved a signature regulation, through a digital, workflow-supported process in the core Infoma newsystem application.
The Law on Improving Online Access to Administrative Services (online access law – OZG) is slated for implementation by 2022. However, the challenge facing the federal government, federal states and local governments is a large one – their task is to offer specific administrative services electronically as well, and to link administrative portals to create a network. The services for which digital solutions are to be created are listed in the OZG implementation catalog. For us, this means preparing modules like Taxes and fees with business processes like online registration and deregistration for dog taxes and garbage containers, and online meter-management and integrating the E-file ready for interaction with the portal network. The topics of “citizen service application system for dog tax, garbage containers and meter reading” have already taken a top spot on our to-do list.
In addition, in the future we will allow our customers to work through access over a Web client via a web browser, no matter their operating system. We will be keeping you up to date on other innovative developments in implementing fully digitized processes for the administration of the future.

Digital Agenda Digital Agenda