Digitization is an ongoing process of modernization

Digitization of the public sector, which will take place over the next few years, is truly the reform of the century after the introduction of double-entry bookkeeping. As technological possibilities change, and as economic and social developments occur, both the pressure and desire to modernize increase in local governments themselves. They want to and need to act to fulfill the expectations of their employees, citizens and companies for innovative and service-oriented administration.

However, they need to take a long breath to do so – digitization is an ongoing process of modernization, after all. Local governments need to prepare themselves accordingly. This is why Axians Infoma has developed a digital agenda. It shows administrations how to handle this “marathon” and what components are already available to support them or are being developed to help them individually design their own digitization playbook.

The primary goal on the Axians Infoma digital agenda is automated, paperless financial accounting that increases efficiency in administration and provides better service to citizens. Another key point on the agenda is to improve the attractiveness of jobs by automating more routine tasks to give employees more time for important duties.

One topic discussed during a round table with the specialty publication Kommune 21 and representatives of exemplary cities such as Siegburg and Rödermark, the IT service providers ekom21 and Axians Infoma, was why local governments need to introduce digitization now more than ever. A summary of the discussion is provided in the PDF (source: Kommune21) or online.

From left: Arne Breustedt, city of Rödermark; Ulrich Künkel, ekom21; Peter Krischke, Axians Infoma; Bernd Lehmann, city of Siegburg; Alexander Schaeff, Kommune21; Oliver Couvigny, Axians Infoma; source: Dirk Waidner / Axians Infoma

However, digitization doesn’t just mean optimizing and simplifying processes. It also offers the opportunity to ensure better sustainability in administration. For example, solutions already integrated into Infoma newsystem like invoice workflow, ePayment, electronic file or the ePortal help reduce printing and paper. At the same time, when developing software Axians Infoma focuses on streamlined, web-based applications and supports software as a service and cloud solutions – key aspects of sustainable IT.

Managing Directors Oliver Couvigny and Daniel Riss explained more on ecology in digitization and its influence on Axians Infoma’s strategy in an interview with Innovative Administration magazine – online.

Digitization is an ongoing process of modernization Bad Kreuznach Lokalsport,