Mobile apps for more convenience at the usage site

MDC – MOC – MMI – these might sound like mysterious acronyms, but in reality they can make everyday work easier for employees at municipal utilities and in facility management. They are all mobile applications from Axians Infoma for smartphones or tablets which allow employees to easily and conveniently document their work directly on site.

Mobile data capturing (MDC) and mobile object control (MOC) are apps in the integrated solution for utilities, municipal departments & public bodies, while mobile maintenance and inspection (MMI) is a facility management product. All three help workers avoid duplicate data capturing and optimize processes. The following section explains some differences in how they are used:

The MMI app allows users to complete tasks related to operator responsibility for equipment – technical systems, constructions, exterior facilities, and traffic safety obligations for buildings. This means controlling and maintenance tasks in buildings, for example for fire protection doors, fire extinguishers, etc. can be defined using the mobile device and documented immediately after completion.

The MOC app works in a similar way in municipal departments. One example for this is playground equipment controlling. Utilities employees can define tasks like inspecting slides, swings, climbing equipment, etc. Results of the inspections are captured on site. In addition, the app makes it possible to easily save GPS coordinates at the push of a button and precisely verify the location, date, and time.

The MDC app, in contrast, handles work recording directly at the work site. Employees record the number of hours they required to complete a certain order – such as mowing the grass in a park – on a kind of digital reporting sheet. Information is added to the system automatically, and does not need to be captured again in administration. This both shortens processes and improves process quality.

Soon, Axians Infoma will allow the MOC and MDC solutions to be linked, adding another convenient function. Then, employees will be able to do more than just record inspections completed on site. Utilities employees will also be able to directly document the hours they required to do their work, and even record and document any surcharges. With this feature, Axians Infoma is responding to a user request.

More information on the mobile apps is available at any time from Jürgen Scherer by telephone at +49 731 1551-951 or by e-mail to

Mobile apps for more convenience at the usage site Mit den mobilen Apps von Axians INFOMA kann vor Ort einfach und komfortabel die Arbeit dokumentiert werden.