Review of the 2018 User Meetings

A new record for the annual Infoma newsystem user meeting for financial accounting and system support! With roughly 380 participants, it was our largest meeting ever. Once again this year, everything focused on updates to Infoma newsystem financial accounting and the pathway to digitization for administrations. At the user meeting for facility management, the roughly 160 participants heard many interesting presentations on updates and highlights in facility management. The 160 participants this year included customers of municipal departments for the first time. Digitization of administrative processes was a focus here as well. Replacing typical paper-based processes – such as time recording – with modern apps was especially exciting for attendees.

Once again, Axians Infoma offered administrative employees who had come from all over Germany an opportunity to discuss ideas with one another and with Axians Infoma employees. Once again, we’ve proven: The right mixture matters! With a large number of expert professional and practical presentations, we offer a program that meets the highest demands for information and knowledge transfer at our user meetings each year. The meetings are a great success, as the response from our Infoma newsystem customers shows.


Review of the 2018 User Meetings Anwendertreffen 2018