Viersen district uses BIM for facility management

By introducing a CAD connection to Infoma newsystem Facility management, the District of Viersen has taken on a leading role in professional facility management.
To make future collaboration in construction projects more transparent, the North Rhine Westfalia district of Viersen has also introduced Building Information Modeling (BIM).
The term BIM describes a method for optimized planning, implementation and management of buildings and other structures with the help of software. All relevant building data are recorded, modeled, combined and reviewed digitally, based on a BiM coordination model (digital building model).
The Facility management “LuGM” solution from Axians Infoma used by the Viersen district receives information from BIM model data, so that it is available immediately without extensive research through folders and archives. This eliminates the additional work necessary for obtaining and updating existing data. In addition, the uniformly available data ensures efficient and clear reporting on all properties and their structures.

BIM and sustainability

The Viersen district’s goal is to use the BIM method to apply a principle of circular value creation and have a positive influence on economic, ecological and social aspects.
The principle of circular value creation has already been visibly implemented in the “Open space office” pilot project. A virtual tour is available here.
For the district of Viersen, implementing Building Information Modeling means more than just having the certainty of implementing sustainable building in a useful way. It is also another joint step towards digitization alongside Axians Infoma.

Viersen district uses BIM for facility management