Press releases – Hot off the presses and from our archive

Press releases – Hot off the presses and from our archive

Secure operation of Infoma newsystem

Axians Infoma offers a comprehensive range of services for more data security and transparency

Ulm, April 19th 2017

Growing digitization in public administration is simplifying work processes, making them more efficient – and more susceptible for inappropriate or even fraudulent use of data. Software provider Axians Infoma has developed a comprehensive data privacy and security concept for the Infoma newsystem product family to create more transparency and more control over data flows, while increasing citizen trust in administration through preventative data protection. The Hanseatic city of Stade served as a pilot customer for the new service, reviewing and updating an existing authorization concept based on legal requirements with the help of the Ulm company. The Lower Saxon city of 49,000 inhabitants has been using Infoma newsystem financial accounting for ten years.

Although the Hanseatic city felt it already had relatively good data privacy standards, Stade was still interested in optimizing its user and authorization concept for the Infoma newsystem financial accounting. As part of a comprehensive approach to the newly developed support service, the Axians Infoma consulting team started by informing the city about all the aspects of data privacy in conformance with the Federal Data Protection Act and the State Data Protection Act of Lower Saxony. Building on this knowledge, the company then pointed out some recommended actions and implemented these in Infoma newsystem. By updating its concept, the Hanseatic city of Stade ensured comprehensive security for the operations of its financial software and all modules involved.

The comprehensive Axians Infoma data privacy and security concept covers the three areas of data privacy, system security, and application security, each of which is available for optional use. The company identifies areas where its clients need to take action or make modifications to fulfill the requirements of Federal and/or State Data Protection Acts and other relevant regulations. Employee training sessions on data protection and data security issues, a review of organizational processes with respect to

data privacy, and the proper application of data privacy programs are all part of Axian Infoma’s portfolio of services. In addition, the Axians Infoma team can handle both a system engineering review of Infoma newsystem basic technology as well as an application engineering review on request. During this review, the company works with the client to review, test, and adjust and document assigned access authorizations and roles as needed.

With a modular concept composed of data protection, system engineering, and application engineering reviews, Axians Infoma offers an effective client solution based on comprehensive security experience from a broad range of projects.