Press releases – Hot off the presses and from our archive

Press releases – Hot off the presses and from our archive

Positive Development

Facility Management from Axians Infoma Impresses Customers and GEFMA

Ulm, January 22nd 2018

Axians Infoma enjoyed a positive year in the facility management field. In addition to the large number of new customers from Germany and Austria, who chose the integrated solution from the Infoma newsystem product family, the company also completed its current recertification process with industry association GEFMA e.V. The association once again confirmed the process’s quality, ensuring the Ulm company remains certified for all testing catalogs relevant in the public area, while also successfully completing the new Help and Service Desk testing catalog. Professors Dr.-Ing. Joachim W. Hohmann and Dr. habil. Michael May handled the even more extensive and specialized questions necessary for recertification on these challenging criteria catalogs.

With the certification, Axians Infoma offers potential customers another aid in their decision-making process to select a software-supported facility management solution. The practical, modular specialist process maps all tasks and procedures in technical, infrastructure-related, and commercial facility management for local governments. The maintenance, repair, and inspection module, for instance, offers all the options governments need for comprehensive inspection and maintenance management to handle their legal operator responsibilities. This process is supported by the new “Mobile maintenance and inspection” app, as well as an online-connection to the Reg-IS regulation information system.

Cities like Recklinghausen, Düren, and Remscheid were impressed by the benefits of this universal process, choosing to introduce the app across all their procedures in 2017 and use the facility management module consistently as well. In addition, other local governments of all different sizes will also begin using Infoma newsystem facility management modules in the near future.

Axians Infoma was also able to continue establishing its market presence in Austria, as a number of new companies decided to use our services. In the future, the towns of Kärnten, Spittal an der Drau, and Villach will all be handling their facility management with the help of Infoma newsystem.

Facility Management from Axians Infoma Impresses Customers and GEFMA