Reference report Rehna administrative office

Reference report Rehna administrative office

Rehna administrative office

Introduction of double-entry bookkeeping with full support by Axians Infoma

Broad, colorful meadows, fields of yellow rapeseed blossoms, the fresh scent of green forests, and the quiet splashing of rivers and streams – anyone looking for rest and recreation away from the hectic pace and overstimulation of the city will find what they need in the Rehna jurisdiction. Primarily an agricultural area, nature and tourism are the top priority here. 40 percent of the jurisdiction is included in the Mecklenburg Schaalsee biosphere reserve, with protected animal and plant species.


In addition to the city of Rehna, the jurisdiction encompasses thirteen surrounding boroughs, making it responsible for a total of around 10,000 inhabitants. The administration has been using the fiscal budget, cameralistic solution Infoma newsystem since 2005. Its decision to work with the solution was based on multiple factors. In particular, the solution’s excellent price / performance ratio in comparison to its competitors impressed the jurisdiction. An even more important point for officials, however, was the fact that the Axians Infoma process is an integrated complete solution that provided not only enforcement as an integrated module, but also offered a double-entry version with the new municipal accounting/financial management system for a latter planned conversion to the new financial accounting requirements.


The green light to go live with double-entry accounting was set for 01/01/2012. The project succeeded as planned, with success ensured partially by project advising from the Axians Infoma consulting team. The Rehna jurisdiction was the first administration in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to receive both software and consulting support from Axians Infoma. The jurisdiction received full support services through its conversion to double-entry bookkeeping. The goal of the close collaboration between Rehna officials and the Axians Infoma consulting team was to optimize implementation of the complex change process.

Some of the highest priority factors in the project included identifying the necessary internal staffing and financial resources, as well as realistic scheduling, integrating the project into the existing organization, and involving employees and politicians in the process. Strict project management helped ensure the jointly developed strategic action plan could be implemented on schedule.

The opening balance sheet needed to be prepared by 01/01/2011 to provide a year’s time for the test phase. Preparatory work like product formation and recognizing and measuring assets, was completed on time. Planning for the inventory followed, as well as related necessary training sessions for employees involved.


Rehna officials had an optimistic view of the double-entry bookkeeping conversion, and were satisfied with the individual support they received from Axians Infoma. With Infoma newsystem, they had a functional tool their employees were comfortable with, helping reduce potential error rates to a minimum. Axians Infoma experts were by their side through all phases of the extensive launch project.

The Rehna jurisdiction was able to implement the complex change process working in close collaboration with the Axians Infoma consulting team.

Key data

Product Local government consulting
State Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Number of inhabitants 10.000

Cameralistic accounting system since 2005 with taxes and fees, asset accounting, enforcement, preparation for double-entry bookkeeping, double-entry municipal accounting/financial management system since 2012.