My highlights and sessions from NAV TechDays 2018

My highlights and sessions from NAV TechDays 2018

26. November 2018

My highlights and sessions from NAV TechDays 2018

First of all: NAV TechDays 2018 once again was an amazing conference, both organization and content were very impressive. Luc van Dyck and the team continue to keep up an extremely high level and even improve. Thanks a lot, I already look forward to next year, whether I again will have the honor to present or as an attendee!

My highlights from other sessions

There really were a lot of interesting news but the following are my five main highlights in no particular order:

My sessions

I had great fun with two pre-workshops on Docker on Windows / NAV on Docker and also with a session about Real life scenarios for running NAV / BC on Docker. Thanks to all who participated! The content will of course be spread through mibuso and also you can find it here.

In an upcoming blog post I will also explain how I implemented the live voting both in the second workshop day and in the session.

Once more, thanks a lot to Luc and his team for organizing TechDays and making it possible, and also to all speakers for their dedication and the great content they provided. I very much hope to see you all again next year!

  1. I unfortunately can’t remember if it was Gert Robyns, Michael Hammond or Bardur Knudsen
  2. and I have heard a lot of bad, quite some good and a few exceptional ones
  3. quoting Torben Leth here