Efficient work in commercial facility management

Efficient work in commercial facility management

Commercial facility management modules

Bookkeeping, controlling, cost and contract management represent a broad and varied spectrum of tasks for commercial facility management. User-friendly modules facilitate efficient work:

Notification management

A quick overview of all important and current notifications helps you gain information early on, so you can engage with everyone involved. Notifications from the individual properties can be collected online using a standard web browser. Incoming notifications can then be used to derive further steps (such as inspections or commissioned services).

Your benefits:

  • Process-supported notification handling
  • Standardized and custom assessment options, i.e. by notification category
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Automatically generate a user-specific utility bill – on a pro-rata basis and in the accounting period. Infoma newsystem fulfills all of your commercial facility management needs.

Other facility management solutions and services

Technical facility management

Implementing energy-saving measures for operating technical facilities, and maintaining the value of building services, place high demands on technical facility management. User-friendly and field-tested modules are available to help manage these time-consuming tasks.

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Infrastructural facility management

We provide convenient modules for processing and coordinating the services involved in infrastructural facility management.

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Property management

Our modules provide optimal support and mapping for processes and tasks related to undeveloped properties.

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Optional expansions from Infoma newsystem financial accounting

In addition to full mapping of operational procedures and processes, the solution's integration into financial accounting is another useful addition that can help improve economic efficiency. We can provide you with the functions you need.

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Implementation, organization, and operation

In our solution portfolio, our central focus is always on achieving a holistic approach. That means we're here for you before, during, and after introduction of your software-supported facility management. We can support you in software launches, while preparing implementation concepts, and advise you on content-based and design-related questions.

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