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New WebClient as a modern and forward-thinking base

Peter Glaser, honorary member of the Chaos Computer Club, is sure of one thing: “Everything that can be digitized, will be. Everything.” In other words: Digitization will be THE challenge in coming years. This applies to processes in local government, as it does to us as a provider of relevant products and services.
We are responding to this challenge with our continuously updated Digital Agenda. Its goal is to achieve a paperless, highly automated financial accounting system with the twin aims of efficiency and citizen-friendliness. We have already implemented key components with eAkte, invoice and order workflow, eRechnung, ePayment, ePortal, Apps etc. These offer administrations an opportunity to redesign their processes and ensure optimal working conditions and comfortable citizen services.

Highlights to try out

Another new solution is looming large on the horizon. Next fall, the new WebClient Infoma newsystem will be available for delivery. Version 20.1 is used as a leading client. However, you can already test out the many different options offered by the system from version 19.1.1.
Many different highlights make the WebClient a modern and forward-thinking basis which requires no installation. The modern design, freely scalable view and intuitive operation place the focus on the user and on important content. Personalization is carried out directly in the WebClient, which allows users to add, remove, and highlight fields, and move fields across tabs. Key combinations can be used to quickly and conveniently activate functions in the Search & Filter area as well as Copy & Insert. In addition, flow filters (total filters for) can be set and searched for across multiple columns in overviews.
This is just a selection of the features of the Infoma newsystem client, which offers significantly more options than the Windows client still supported until 2021. If you are interested in the new WebClient, please contact Christin Linke. She will be happy to answer your questions.

New WebClient as a modern and forward-thinking base Die Digitale Agenda zeigt den Verwaltungen auf, mit welchen Schritten sich die Chance der Digitalisierung bewältigen lässt.