A Platform for User Voices

We frequently receive interesting ideas and requests from our users for new developments and optimizations in Infoma newsystem. For us, the first question is which ideas are supported by a large number of users, and what should we take on first?

We have provided the new “Infoma user voices” portal to create transparency around these questions. With the portal, we now offer all our customers another way to take part directly in the development process. It provides an overview of ideas, requests, and suggests from all our users. In addition, users can discuss their needs with other customers and partners and get support for their own suggestions.

The advantages for both sides are clear: Customers and partners can make their preferences known for how to optimize the application, and we can utilize the power and knowledge of our user community. Together, we can learn even more about current key topics for which we want to continue development.

Here’s how it works:

  • All development suggestions we receive through known channels will be available on the “user voices” platform after review and approval by our product management, without including the authors’ names.
  • Users register for their administration and automatically receive a number of votes based on their available users.
  • Users vote for the different suggestions on an ongoing, dynamic basis.
  • We evaluate the most popular suggestions and include them in future update planning.

We hope many of our users will participate and add their votes so we can develop Infoma newsystem to meet their needs.

A Platform for User Voices “Infoma Anwenderstimme”, das neue Portal bietet allen Kunden eine zusätzliche Möglichkeit, sich direkt am Prozess der Weiterentwicklung zu beteiligen.

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