Axians Infoma sends electronic invoices

Standardization and consistent digital processes are key foundations of a well-functioning and citizen-friendly local government. For us, the strategy of consistent processes must involve collaboration with our customers. That’s why we are now offering delivery of eInvoices.

We can provide our software maintenance service invoices electronically in the ZUGFeRD 1.0 (incl. a PDF file) and XInvoice (XML data exchange format) formats upon request. The ZUGFerd 2.0 format is currently in progress. Electronic invoices are transmitted free of charge


Our Infoma newsystem financial accounting customers have the following options:

  • The ZUGFeRD format can be used to simply process PDF files, and electronic invoices can be mapped directly as part of the Infoma newsystem invoice workflow.
  • However, using the XInvoice or ZUGFeRD formats is an optimal solution, alongside automated processing of electronic invoices with the Infoma newsystem eInvoice manager and integrated invoice workflow.

Whether single-entry or double-entry bookkeeping, Invoice workflow and eInvoice manager handle the complete processing procedure for electronic invoices, resulting in shorter lead times, optimized processes, and outstanding reliability. Completely flexible and suitable for separate use, the two solutions truly demonstrate their advantages in combination.

The eInvoice manager and/or invoice workflow are already successfully in use in the cities of Fulda, Gießen, Bad Honnef, Bergheim and Bernau bei Berlin as well as in the borough association of Isenbüttel, the municipal services of Oberzent and the Wetterau district.

Axians Infoma sends electronic invoices