Product Presentation Mobile object control

Providing our customers with optimal support in every situation and empowering them to meet future challenges have been our goals for 30 years.

To fulfill these goals, we continue to develop our product portfolio, adapting constantly to current trends and innovations. One example is a challenge faced by many administrations which work with large quantities of paper every day and need to capture lots of information manually. There is a demand for modern solutions, especially in areas which have been less IT-related in the past. For example, utilities employees face the challenge of duplicate recording processes almost daily.

With mobile object control, Axians Infoma has developed a product that makes the everyday working lives of many utilities employees more convenient. A tablet app allows mobile object control to illustrate outstanding inspection tasks for their respective processor, including all data, images, inspection points, descriptions, and status. This allows the inspector to complete a professional, correct, and complete control on site. A position indicator on the map, images, and instructions provide support. Photos can be taken on site to show the object’s condition, and GPS coordinates can be registered with a time stamp if desired. All values, including the identified status, are transmitted back to Infoma newsystem and are visible there at any time.

Product Presentation Mobile object control Defect capturing