Press releases – Hot off the presses and from our archive

Press releases – Hot off the presses and from our archive

Mobile specialist departments and companies

Apps from Axians Infoma ensure digital processes free from media disruptions

Ulm, November 14th 2017

Today, most local governments see digitized work processes, efficient procedures, and satisfied employees as key foundations for their administrative work. This is true in particular in specialist departments and companies. Especially in areas like facility management and utilities, municipal departments, and public institutions, broad digitization helps to reduce complex work steps and achieve better economic efficiency. Axians Infoma has developed needs-based, mobile solutions so it can continue to offer comprehensive support. With mobile data capturing, mobile maintenance and reviews, and now mobile property monitoring, the Ulm software provider delivers apps for onsite use that facilitate consistent digital work processes free from media disruptions. Many customers are already working with the mobile solutions or have decided to use them in the future.

The mobile data capturing (MDC) app for smartphones and tablets makes it easy to quickly document services directly on site. The app eliminates the need to enter information from paper reports twice, a process frequently associated with typos. Impressed with the app’s practicality and very clear and simple operation, utilities for the city of Baden-Baden and the borough of Wachtendonk use the mobile solution with up to 20 iOS devices. Utilities for the cities of Soest, Versmold and Marsberg take advantage of the MDC app, which has also proved practical in the computing center, on Android devices.

The mobile maintenance and inspection (MMI) app helps operators handle their responsibilities and ensure legal compliance. It offers extensive functions for digitally documenting inspection and maintenance management for equipment – technical systems, building designs, outdoor facilities, and buildings (traffic safety). All required tasks can be documented quickly, conveniently, and reliably. All processing is digital, replacing paper-based documentation. The cities of Ebersbach an der Fils, Duderstadt, Remscheid, and Recklingshausen, as well as the company Rems-Murr property management have recently decided to use the MMI app.

Since the last update in October 2017, users of the Infoma newsystem municipal departments’ specialist process can also take advantage of mobile property monitoring (MPM). The tablet app handles outstanding inspection tasks for their respective processors, including all data, images, inspection points, descriptions, and status, helping them to fulfill their traffic safety obligations. This allows the inspector to complete a professional, correct, and complete control on site. A site plan in the map, pictures, and instructions, also offer support and allow the inspector to take photos of the property condition during the inspection and register GPS coordinates with a time stamp if desired.