Press releases – Hot off the presses and from our archive

Press releases – Hot off the presses and from our archive

30 Year Company Anniversary

Axians Infoma positions itself as a driver of innovation in the municipal software market with its digitization strategy

Ulm, March 6th, 2018

In its 30th anniversary year, Ulm company Axians Infoma GmbH can once again reflect on consistent and positive growth. By adding many new customers and key IT service providers, and by converting direct customers and computing center customers to Infoma newsystem, the company has greatly exceeded the goals it set for itself in the last fiscal year. Cooperations initiated in 2017 in North Rhine Westphalia with the GKD Recklinghausen and krz Lemgo contributed to this success. Through its partnership with Baden-Württemberg KIRU for starting local government double-entry bookkeeping, over 110 KIRU customers have now made the change to Infoma newsystem based solution kiru.Finanzen_N. This success once again underscores that the strategy Axians Infoma has been pursuing consistently since 1988 is a positive one. That strategy focuses on maintaining closeness and partnership with our customers – from small boroughs with 500 inhabitants to big cities, churches or computing centers with hundreds of connected local governments – and taking up and implementing new topics and trends with a practical approach. The company, which is part of the VINCI Group, has taken up the motto of “On the cutting edge together” in its anniversary year.

For Managing Directors Oliver Couvigny and Daniel Riss, this joint work and action is a key reason Axians Infoma maintains its top position on the municipal software market. “Over the past three decades, we have mastered the changes and innovations in the industry alongside our customers, partners and employees. In this time, we have developed a culture of creating together and for one another that covers all of our customer groups and promotes consistent development. By initiating a digitization strategy early on for financial accounting, facility management and municipal departments, we are positioning our company as a driver for innovation and taking over a leading role on the market.”

Using functional digital solution models to optimize internal administrative processes in local governments and interactions with citizens are just some of Axians Infoma’s goals. Key requirements for doing so include thinking in terms of comprehensive processes and using these processes to develop and re-develop products.

“We integrated projects like the eFile last year, which ensures that all paper documents created by Infoma newsystem remain available in digital format into the future” says Daniel Riss, explaining available services. “We also offer an ePortal that allows even users not integrated into our financial accounting to take part in digital administrative processes. And with our ePayment manager, we are providing a solution that allows citizens to easily and conveniently use electronic payment with just a smartphone and QR code.” One good example of this is the city of Düren, which is using an administration-wide online payment process in its citizen portal and payment requests to generate added value for both citizens and the administration. The city was awarded the 2017 Axians Infoma Innovation Prize for its work.

“Our portfolio does a lot to make administrative processes more efficient – through better administrative management and providing digital services” adds Oliver Couvigny. “In addition, we are helping create digital ecosystems in our local governments where solutions can thrive and turn a local government into a smart city.” One central application is financial accounting, which uses an open architecture to collect, prepare and exchange data and network between the diverse professional applications used within local governments. “This is the way to exhaust the solution’s full potential, creating a framework for innovation and progress for local governments beyond our own applications.”

Joint action is the focus and goal in the 2018 anniversary year and beyond. Alongside our customers and partners, the Ulm enterprise wants to take on the challenges of digitization, shape the market, continue growing and expand its range with affiliate companies IKVS, Athos, Axians eWaste and Axians IT&T while using all the expertise of the VINCI parent group to partner with local governments as they strive to become smart cities.