Press releases – Hot off the presses and from our archive

Press releases – Hot off the presses and from our archive

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Digital administrative processes for all with Infoma ePortal

Ulm, August 3rd 2017

Most local government administrations still only have a low level of digitization in processes related to financial accounting. Many users are only integrated into these processes through paper-based pathways. With the newly developed Infoma ePortal, Ulm software provider Axians Infoma now provides a solution that allows non-integrated departmental employees to take part in digital administrative processes. This means decentralized departmental users can be integrated into processes actively and efficiently. The portal environment, based on Infoma newsystem, offers convenient services for areas like ordering, billing, cash display, approval workflows, purchasing, product book key figures, and ÜPL/APL. In 2015, one of the solution’s first users was Baden-Württemberg’s Bodensee district, when it planned to introduce eInvoices for electronic ordering and billing in Axians Infoma. The district started productive operations in early 2016. The city of Gießen is another current user. It has been using the billing and approval workflows since 1/1/2017 and is currently testing the Infoma ePortal purchasing. The See of Hanover also recently decided to introduce Infoma ePortal services for ordering, billing, and approval workflows.

The Infoma ePortal digitally maps these administrative processes, replacing internal paper- or Excel/Word-based processes. An optimally pre-configured web interface tailored to the process allows the user to easily and efficiently execute the process steps, for instance to approve requests, create notifications of charges, or clarify unallocated incoming payments. All users in kindergartens, schools, and other facilities work in a decentralized way, participating in the process through internet access.

On site operation is available, as well as operation from the Microsoft Cloud Germany. That makes the Infoma ePortal just as suitable for administrative as it is for computing center partners. In both cases, the portal results in more convenience, efficiency, and more economical processes.

Borough council of the Bodensee district
The borough council of the Bodensee district laid the groundwork early on for its plans to handle all ordering and invoice workflows through paperless processes by the end of 2018. After switching over to double-entry Infoma newsystem financial accounting on 1/1/2016, the departments also completed blanket coverage connection to a central booking office with decentralized reporting. The first eProceses involved integrated modules for electronic ordering and billing. Without requiring any prior knowledge, Infoma ePortal order and Infoma ePortal billing allow staffers to easily electronically record any forms for revenues / expenses and transfer requests, as well as forms for payment requests and fee invoices through a separate intranet portal. 24 departments log roughly 1,100 orders in the system each week.

“Highly efficient,” says Robert Algner, who is responsible for central controlling at the borough council. “The configuration of the Infoma ePortal is ideal. It is designed around our needs, mission, legal requirements, and an interest in operating economy. The structures, the content, and the technical processes have proven effective in practice when combined with decentralized bookkeeping with a central accounting office.”

Interested parties can learn about the broad range of options offered by the Axians Infoma ePortal on our homepage,