Maximum benefits for utilities, municipal departments, and public bodies

Maximum benefits for utilities, municipal departments, and public bodies

Implementation, organization, and operation

In our solution portfolio, our central focus is always on achieving a holistic approach. That means we're here for you before, during, and after introduction of your software-supported utilities, municipal departments, and public bodies solution. If needed, we can provide consultation during the software launch process, support you in creating an implementation concept, and advise you on content- and design-based questions related to your organization, strategy, and the economic efficiency and sustainability you want to achieve – so that you can generate the maximum benefits in modernizing your administrative processes.

We provide you all the knowledge you need for your everyday work with our solution through software training sessions.

We provide you with customized consulting tailored to your situation during ongoing operations – and even a proactive package of services if necessary, so you don’t have to handle anything related to software or any components necessary for operation.

If you have any further demands for our solution based on your highly specialized, individual municipal department, we can develop integrated individual solutions for you – with 100 percent update capability standard to guarantee the security of your investments your future reliability.


Capturing via app replaces report management

The city of Marsberg is located in an idyllic area at the edge of the Sauerland’s low-lying …
If process implementation, organizational framework conditions, and customization are optimized for your administration and organization, you can generate the maximum benefits.

Additional solutions and services in the utilities, municipal departments, and public facilities area

Commercial processes

Commercial processes in municipal departments can often be very time-intensive, involving tasks like order processing, resource management, handling bonuses, and much more. User-friendly modules facilitate efficient processes.

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Technical and infrastructural processes

Fleet management and object controlling are key tasks in technical and infrastructural processes. We have the right modules to simplify processing.

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Optional expansions from financial accounting

In addition to full mapping of operational procedures and processes, the solution's integration into financial accounting is another useful addition that can help improve economic efficiency. We can provide you with the functions you need.

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