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Self-learning software automatically handles invoice account assignment

German citizens have a positive opinion of artificial intelligence. A majority (61 %) believe it offers numerous advantages, for instance by providing services like a virtual health coach on their wrist, a personal vehicle assistant or a supermarket without cash registers to make their everyday lives easier. 83 percent even believe that this technology will take over many tedious tasks in the future (source: 2019 survey by Adesso AG).
Municipal administrations are interested in this topic as well. As workloads increase and personnel are lacking due to demographic pressures, the opportunity to find a solution to handle repetitive tasks becomes more and more important.

Less work, high booking quality

Axians Infoma offers support with “self-learning software”, an example of artificial intelligence, which has already been implemented in the eInvoice Manager. It, combined with the integrated invoice workflow, ensures the best possible benefits and creates a consistent digital process sequence for electronic invoice processing.. While the integrated invoice workflow maps all parts of the invoice approval process in a transparent manner, the eInvoice manager prepares eInvoice data in a structured way, enhances it in an intelligent manner and supplements it with added value content. That means the use of historical creditor data for account assignment suggestions makes it possible to complete automatic account assignment and processing for recurring invoices. Machine learning algorithms provide account assignment suggestions for all invoices in supported eInvoice formats like Xinvoice and ZUGFeRD.
For the user, this automated step means not only less work, but also high booking quality. If there are a large number of incoming invoices, which is the case, for instance, in the federal printing office, this helps optimize processes. Based on the experiences of various partners and customers, the invoice processing procedure can be shortened to an average of two minutes – a result ensuring the full satisfaction of managers in the Baden-Württemberg borough of Karlsbad.

Updates for even more comfort

The current version 19.1 includes numerous updates that ensure even more comfort for users. Among other changes, the visualization of Xinvoices in the PDF preview was improved, historical account assignments for OCR PDF invoices were introduced, and the performance of historical account assignment suggestions was optimized. The machine learning function is engaged in a continual learning process. In addition, sub-workflows and workflow steps can now also be activated in e-mail import and folder import.
The strategy of consistent digital processes, of course, also applies to our collaboration with our customers. Because of this, we have also been offering our software maintenance / service invoices electronically for some time. Here as well, using the XInvoice or ZUGFeRD formats and automated processing of electronic invoices with the Infoma newsystem eInvoice manager and the integrated invoice workflow has proven an optimal solution.
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Self-learning software automatically handles invoice account assignment “Self-learning software” implemented in the eInvoice manager.