Axians Infoma places community at the center of everything they do

Some sayings are so overused they feel worn out or overplayed. “Stronger together” is one of these. It’s really a shame, since the sentiment behind it is a good one: that we can achieve results that are just as good, or even much better, through communal action. For Axians Infoma community has always played a major role, and is at the center of everything we do.

“Since we were launched in 1988, we have been tackling the challenges of the market alongside our customers and partners. We mastered double-entry bookkeeping together, and are now taking on digitization together.”

Oliver Couvigny, Managing Director of Axians Infoma

Support for this work comes both from our high-performing employees and our curious and innovative customers, as well as our partners in technology and science. Over the past almost 30 years, we have developed a culture of creating together and for one another that covers all of our customer groups and promotes consistent development.

We use our solution models to optimize not only internal administrative processes but also citizen interactions. We integrated projects like the electronic file last year, which ensures that all paper documents created by Infoma newsystem remain available in digital format into the future. We also offer an ePortal that allows even users not integrated into our financial accounting to take part in digital administrative processes. And our ePayment manager is a solution that allows citizens to easily use electronic payment options with their smartphones thanks to QR codes.

At the same time, we are working to ensure that local governments create digital ecosystems where solutions can thrive to turn a local government into a smart city. One of the central applications for such solutions is financial accounting – a data magnet as well as a data hub, since most processes are somehow connected to financial considerations. It collects, processes, and exchanges data using an open architecture, networking with the many different specialty applications in local government. This is the only way to exhaust the solution’s full potential, creating a framework for innovation and progress for local governments beyond our own applications.

The VINCI Energies portfolio is available to us as part of the group. Our corporate group is broadly diversified, supporting local governments and regions throughout Europe in sustainable and citizen-focused development – with expertise in digitization and spheres of activity ranging from urban development to traffic optimization and energy efficiency in buildings and lighting systems. VINCI considers dialog with public and private partners, and keeping an open ear to their concerns, to be an essential part of its work. The recently published VINCI Manifest sets out personal obligations to help us achieve this goal.

Of course, we want to continue our “joint” success in our 2018 anniversary year and beyond. Alongside our sister companies like IKVS, Athos, Axians eWaste, or Axians IT&T, and with all the expertise offered by VINCI Energies, we continue to move forward and do all we can to satisfy our customers and partners. Having the right employees, and the right expertise at our disposal, are key. We’d also like to give our special thanks to you, our customers and partners.

Axians Infoma places community at the center of everything they do Editorial eMagazin