Integrated file solution

Integrated file solution

Electronic file

Electronic file

Transfers all documents created in Infoma newsystem automatically for filing and management in electronic departmental files, such as financial, tax, enforcement files, etc. Developed as an integral component of Infoma newsystem, the electronic file provides you with reliable and efficient process support in your everyday work, including processing of external and internal documents and quick access. Available options include tamper-proof archiving of all document types - such as incoming invoices, tax assessments, and much more - with custom mapping of archive terms and other legal regulations for each document type.

More detailed information can be found in our flyer about the electronic file.

Your benefits:

  • Informative
    Obtain information quickly, simply, and directly in Infoma newsystem with a custom filing structure
  • Paperless
    No traditional filing work or paper-based systems
  • Intuitive
    All work completed exclusively on your regular interface
  • Efficient
    Fully automated file configuration in Infoma newsystem based on filing plan and / or classification system
  • Flexible
    Use the file with or without an existing DMS system or hardware / software archiving solution

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The electronic file allows you to file, search for, and edit documents from your normal work application.

Additional eGovernment & Digitization Services and Modules

ePayment manager

Integrated into financial accounting, the ePayment manager allows for automated processing of fast and secure online ordering processes – for better service to citizens and reducing administrative workloads.

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Accounting workflow

As an integral part of financial accounting, the accounting workflow provides a transparent illustration of all procedures in the invoice approval process. Combining it with the eInvoice manager provides you with a consistent digital processing chain for electronic invoice processing.

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eInvoice manager

In addition to the accounting workflow, the eInvoice manager handles structured preparation of eInvoice data in any format, then intelligently enriches it with additional content.

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Online meter management

With the online process integrated in consumption charge accounting, consumers can report their meter readings directly to their tax offices. Both sides benefit from this process, with optimized work procedures and convenient citizen services.

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Electronic file

Reduce mountains of files, increase processing speeds, and optimize processes – electronic files set the stage. They offer you efficient process support within your normal work application.

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