eInvoice ready with invoice workflow and eInvoice Manager

In just six months, paper invoices will be history on the local government level. Adopted in April 2014, EU directive 2014/55/EU requires that administrations begin receiving and processing electronic invoices by April 17th, 2020 at the latest. It is a process that will result in multiple advantages, such as optimized processes, transparency and cost and time savings.

We have formulated paperless processing of all financial administration processes as the goal of our digital agenda. The components necessary for this purpose are available and are continuously being developed and created. This includes the integrated Infoma newsystem invoice workflow (RWF). It allows for a fully automated process for electronic invoice processing – from receipt of an Xinvoice to booking.

This process is also topped off by our eInvoice Manager, which is used for structured preparation of eInvoice data, independent of its format. Combining both solutions not only makes you eInvoice ready, but also supports your pathway towards digital transformation.

Of course, we also pursue a strategy of consistent processes in collaboration with our customers. That is why we will be offering the option of sending eInvoices even before the date of record in April 2020. Our software update and service invoices are available in ZUGFeRD formats 1.0 and 2.0 upon request, including a PDF file, or as an Xinvoice in XML data exchange format.

As an Infoma newsystem financial accounting user, you have two processing Options:

  • You can use the ZUGFeRD format for simple processing of a PDF file, and handle electronic invoices in RWF.
  • Or you can use Xinvoice or ZUGFeRD and continue processing electronic invoices automatically with RWF and eInvoice Manager.

If you want to know more or are interested in electronic delivery of software update and service invoices, please contact us.

eInvoice ready with invoice workflow and eInvoice Manager Digital Agenda