Integrated invoice processing

Integrated invoice processing

eInvoice manager


Höhr-Grenzhausen Associated Municipal Administration

It was a way to launch the digital future: By introducing an invoice workflow and eInvoices, the …

District of Recklinghausen

The district of Recklinghausen mastered a major challenge in 2017: Although the project was …

eInvoice ready with invoice workflow and eInvoice Manager

In just six months, paper invoices will be history on the local government level. Adopted in April …
The eInvoice manager handles the complete processing procedure for electronic invoices, resulting in shorter lead times, optimized processes, and outstanding reliability.

Additional eGovernment & Digitization Services and Modules

Services in the Infoma ePortal

Convenient services included in the Infoma ePortals – from orders to electronic requests for additional funds – allow you to integrate all users in your digital administration process.

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ePayment manager

Integrated into financial accounting, the ePayment manager allows for automated processing of fast and secure online ordering processes – for better service to citizens and reducing administrative workloads.

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Accounting workflow

As an integral part of financial accounting, the accounting workflow provides a transparent illustration of all procedures in the invoice approval process. Combining it with the eInvoice manager provides you with a consistent digital processing chain for electronic invoice processing.

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Online meter management

With the online process integrated in consumption charge accounting, consumers can report their meter readings directly to their tax offices. Both sides benefit from this process, with optimized work procedures and convenient citizen services.

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Electronic file

Reduce mountains of files, increase processing speeds, and optimize processes – electronic files set the stage. They offer you efficient process support within your normal work application.

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