Full flexibility with a consistent concept

Full flexibility with a consistent concept

Modules for Business Intelligence

Our module provides the right information at the right time for administration and policy.

BI Finances

Provides all key controlling-related financial information as needed. This data is based on the earnings statement, financial statement, and balance sheet. In addition, other components such as accounts receivable and accounts payable, as well as banking data and information from receivables management are taken into account.

The business intelligence solution supplements this financial data with information on open items and payments for successful receivables management. Targeted controlling measures help shorten payment times, reduce open items, and strengthen earnings performance.

Financial data and information from receivables management can be used to create analyses for active liquidity controlling. Insight gained from previous booking and payment processes help generate forecasts; performance indicator calculations provide additional support for analyses.

Your benefits:

  • Automated daily preparation and good availability of all financial data
  • Receivables management / liquidity management
  • Intelligent forecasts
  • Pre-defined template with key figures

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Needs-based and clearly structured – how our BI can reduce daily workloads

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Instead of dealing with a large number of different documents, all required analyses and reports can be derived from a single data source.

Additional solutions and services in the Plus reporting system plus and business intelligence (BI) area

Reporting system plus

Easily prepares financial accounting reports (such as weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports) with automatic, schedule-based distribution. The uniform and standardized reporting system provides each manager and each employee in your specific departments exactly the right information at the right time and in the right format.

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The leading web-based system for comparing key figures in local government controlling. With the interactive budget, you have the option of presenting your budget online. You can prepare graphic, visual budget data across all hierarchical levels without additional work.

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Implementation, organization, and operation

We strive to provide holistic solutions.We can support you in launching your Plus reporting system business intelligence and reporting system business intelligence launch, support you in creating implementation concepts, and advise you on content-based and design-related questions.

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